Q&A with the man behind the scenes

So first things first ....  Melle Who? And What's a Meivogel?

i'm a Dutch photographer in the cultural scene. Born in 1985, raised in a small town SOMEWHERE mid- netherlands. i'm living and working in amsterdam over 10 years now.


So Why can't we find you on any socials?...

For me it's pretty tough to stick to my own ideas, creativity and maybe even personality, since There is so much distraction from all the online stuff. It's not that i'm not a social guy, I'm just not a socials guy. We can have a good chat if you'd like! 


So how can we stay in touch?

just give me a call on +31 [0] 6 14 13 80 90 or send an email to mellemeivogel [a] gmail.com